Pumpkin Chai Hot Chocolate (Vegan)

October 1, 2018

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It may still be 85+ degrees in Florida, but the calendar says October and that means it's officially pumpkin season! And time to drink hot beverages while pretending it's actually chilly outside. While I enjoy a pumpkin spice latte on occasion, I'm more of a chai tea or hot chocolate girl at heart. So I combined all these yummy flavors for the ultimate fall drink - Pumpkin Chai Hot Chocolate!

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Lavender Pear Cheesecake (Raw, Vegan)

September 11, 2018

Healthy Desserts Healthy Desserts

Is there anything dreamier than the sweet sweet scent of lavender? I don't think so! It's delicate, soothing, and invigorating all at once, and it tastes just as glorious. It also pairs well with so many things, including the fresh, juicy pear - which doesn't get nearly enough love in the fruit world if you ask me!

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Neapolitan Ice Cream Pops (Vegan)

August 18, 2018

Healthy Desserts Healthy Desserts

Beat the heat with the cutest of summer treats! These Neapolitan Ice Cream Pops are sweet, simple, and oh so nostalgic, with three creamy layers of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, dipped in rich dark chocolate for some added decadence!

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Blackberry, Cherry, and Peach Summer Tarts (Raw, Vegan)

July 16, 2018

Healthy Desserts Healthy Desserts

The days are longer, temps are hotter, and deliciously vibrant fruits are abundant, which means one thing. Summer is officially here! And there's nothing better on a hot summer day than a refreshing, raw dessert - like these Blackberry, Cherry, and Peach Tarts!

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Funfetti Chocolate Chunk Chickpea Blondies (Vegan, Gluten-Free)

May 2, 2018

Healthy Desserts Healthy Desserts

As much as I love a fancy cake and experimenting with unique flavors, there's just something about all-American classics that make my heart and taste buds happy. These Funfetti Chocolate Chunk Blondies are the epitome of simple, sweet goodness!

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Lemon Poppyseed Donuts with Blackberry Lavender and Strawberry Glaze (Gluten-Free, Vegan)

April 20, 2018

Healthy Desserts Healthy Desserts

As a big proponent for eating dessert any time of day, I have immense gratitude towards the donut for making it acceptable to have dessert for breakfast. These Lemon Poppyseed Donuts are the sweetest way to start your day, finish your day or enjoy anywhere in between!

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